Living Space

With an eye for color and scale, See Saw specializes in curating distinctive spaces, combining antique and modern elements of style in a way that’s at once contemporary and timeless.

This living room with His highness the piano set out the mood of comfort, importance, and class. With the geometric wallpaper in royal indigo shades and golden threads, the harmony and mood of the room complimented the space perfectly.

The adding of mustard cushions on the sofa softened the richness of colour palate, leaving this space in perfect balance.

At See Saw we let the room speak for itself and with our professional guidance we inject a fresh life to each piece of furniture that proudly represents the space.

Dining Room

What was once wall to wall tile dominating kitchen space, with a single washing basin and a worktop, has now become a balanced eye-pleasing Scandinavian style inspired dining space.

This family of four needed space, simplicity, inviting area of the home to come together and spend time over hot plate after daily chores. The large oak table brings so much warmth to the space, complemented by Queen Anne style inspired chairs.

The woven chandelier placed in the centre of the room sets out numerous rays of light, ideal to fill the whole surface of the large table, playful to the youngest members of the family at the same time offering an inviting and cosy atmosphere to rest.


Designing a motivational workspace for a young entrepreneur is always a decorator’s opportunity to inspire and support the new chapter in the client’s life. In this case, the space served as a guest room with a large queen size bed as an axis of the room.

The fabulous quirky features were left unnoticed and neglected, such as angled walls, nooks and magnificent reveal wood beam ceiling. Where once laid the bed now proudly stands a tall worktop as a focus of the room complemented by a leather high chair.

The room has gained in size and allowed two extra areas for entertainment, a reading corner and music corner ideal for winding down after a hard day’s work.

What gives balance to the room are two identical bookshelves that received their complete makeover by being painted black.

The eclectic style which is always a way forward in our minds with clients collectors, mixed with modern and industrial styles resulted in a space where a working professional isn’t too bothered putting extra hours of work in.

Living Room

Clients often need a revamp of their space. Honoring the natural features of the living room such as the open staircase,  we decided to leave the lines clean and chose earthy colour palate.

The best way to achieve a makeover is by adding accessories. This space had an entire wall in natural stone, revealing the history of the house.

Instantly we agreed on displaying old artifacts such as coal iron, old telephone, whiskey bottles, an old clock to compliment the surroundings.